Saturday, March 20, 2010

You say today Mr. President; we made Historic Votes for Social Security and Civil Rights and the Voting Rights Act, one making sure our elderly can live out their year… not in poverty and the others, making sure all Americans are treated equal in the eyes of the law… well, well, well, so what was the recent Senate vote for the present disparity of the American law for Powder Cocaine and Crack Cocaine, how has that LAW, LAWS ever been equal in the eyes of the law for all… all Americans?

Bruce H. Scroggins

I ask this and I want an answer, please sir, please answer this, it important and the right thing has been long in waiting for thousands of Americans and millions are waiting for equal JUSTICE.

At last count 75 Thousand Americans have been unjustly sentenced, under these unequal Laws and minorities have been, grossly subject too these disparity in American LAWS.

I ask you, no, no I demand the Laws be equal, no more incremental changes like the 100 to 1 disparity suffered by Americans, to the unequal 18 to 1, it is still a weak continuance of UNEQUAL JUSTICE and it shall not stand any longer, I’ am holding my elected representatives too this equal justice for all standard, for every American under LAW.

Unequal justice for one, for any American is Injustice for ALL Americans. If you’ve come too, 18 to 1, from 100 to 1, you can got the rest of the way too EQUAL JUSTICE FOR ALL AMERICANS, the 17 points to equal and it petty if you cannot go the whole way too equal justice.

Get the 17 points done, NOW
Health Care is a learned behavior, just like academics


Health is learned and is a Preventative exercise when your young, therefore when you are young, preventative Health Care has to be the focus and when you reach the ages of 40 to 45, Health care must be Medicare to keep a health learned population healthier.

Preventative medicine must be the practice, Arrestee Medicine Model, this Sick Care Model isn’t working and we see it’s not working. We have to have after 40 or 45 what has been learned and practiced from our youth, it will make Health Care out comes less expensive.

When I was in school from pre-school and kiddy garden and yes there was Thither Ball, Kick Ball, Dodge Ball, Rope Claims, the practice was to get the children, youth out side, or in the gym to exercise, a simple practice that instilled in me working out my body.

We all know those practices were casualties with Politicians and Politics, School Boards and City Councils. We now have little no Physical Education, I was fortunate to still have Phi-Ed, in high schools, I swam, ran track, played Football, Tennis and later after attending my 12th grade, I worked out and still played Basketball and Tennis and swam.

But work and building a life all of these became too expensive to afford, so I did as much excises at home as possible, but time and families left little and with life and vices, it diminished to little and none.

We have to get our Treasures back into Physical Education, we must do this, by any means necessary, we must do this for our Nations survival, it is imperative we reverse this decline in HEALTH.

Education is backwards

We put the OUTCOME all on the Teachers and Money and that’s wrong headed. I say this because the Child is forced to go to school, or be schooled, even in Home schooled, but you as a child are legislated to attend for more hours in a day, then you interact with your parents.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Let the HATE Rip

Let the HATE Rip

Let’s be real about the leaked campaign, by Michael Steel and Republicans and Conservatives, they are behind the scenes, saying: they hate Obama and Democrats and want the strongest possible campaign to reflect that, so Steel pulled out a few stops and let the HATE RIP.


Bruce H. Scroggins

I’ am going to ask, how many believe it’s something like I’ve described, or a close approximation.

Dick & Liz Family business Cheney’s have no such filter, they let their disgust and contemptuous hatred go at every interview and get plenty of air time to do exactly that, hate on Obama and Democrats.

Glen Beck, Pope Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Conservative Talk Radio and then theirs the back benchers, like Palin, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, John Kyle and the like.

Next we have the low life’s, whose every word is tinged with pure Racist hate, with a smile on their faces, Like Tom Tancredo and Tea Party members, mixed with their Haters and Para Military’s groups, Militia’s and all of them have lobbyist supporting this and throwing bombs, like Dick Army.

I’ am positive I left out many others players in this clear concerted effort to destroy anything Obama and Democratic Party.

The collective PUSH to, scrap Democrats and Republicans Amendments in the HCR Bills, passed by both Houses of Congress, is not a mistake. The United No and doing nothing but blocking, slowing done, weakening and watering down HCR, was a effort, The Nation, did not see was done by both Parties, both parties. Think, think, the Nation, only see’s the Bills as Democratic Bills, when the truth is; Republicans have hundreds of Amendment and planks in both Bill that passed Congress, but no one makes the case about the by-partisan make up of the Bills, they only see democrats getting them passed.

FACTUAL TRUTH: The Media, has not made the point of Republicans shaping the Bills, only that Republicans refused to vote for their passage, this has to change and the case made, at every Media, stop, by DEMOCRATS, so the Nation, see’s and hears the TRUTH, Republicans are hiding from, stop letting Republicans hide from their full responsibility.

Republicans, Have shaped the Bill’s as much as Democrats, but by, refusing to vote for even their own input, Planks and Amendments and Uniting to deliver no votes on passage, they have put all the bills on Democrats. Republicans have weakened the Bills and made them, unpalatable to the American people while selling the Bills as all

Democrats and one sided and not Republicans, don’t we get that and why aren’t, we selling Republicans input and responsibility.

“Republicans have hundreds of Amendment and planks in both Bill that passed Congress, but no one makes the case about the by-partisan make up of the Bills, they only see democrats getting them passed.”

And each time these Conservatives, decry HCR, we should make it clear they have as much responsibility for the Bills as Democrats and if they persist, Democrats should suggest, we take out all the planks and amendments, Republicans wanted and got in the Bills… then and then only will Democrats have a PURLY DEMOCRATIC PARTY BILL, it’s NOT, stop acting and reacting like it is.

Monday, August 31, 2009

It’s not, or ever/never was, just about “individual Reforms,” or that “We the Democratic Supporters,” are more passionate about

Just the “Preexisting Conditions”, or… we’re really more interested in eliminating… just “Rescission”, or even… just the “Robust, Strong Public Option,” it’s all or, don’t come back to me about support or help. All of the above are one thing; a “Package of REFORMS” and its called Competition and it will bring REFORM, to a broken, inefficient, unsustainable Health Industry, left on its own, has only exploited millions of Americans, using these morally bankrupting practices.


Liz Cheney has no creditability, she knows nothing and when the Networks book her on, she is not a principle, or in the know, she has no knowledge of the even the information, that was “Redacted”, so why are we the people daily bombarded with her, lose uninformed arguments, she argues, about menusha and the unfounded and un-provable

Both Dick and Liz and , even Ron Christy, say they have been investigated by ”Career Prosecutors”, they conceive, no possibility, they could have been wrong and on top of this song and dance, there has been new information.

On the Ed Show/MSNBC/8/31/2009; Ron Christy, believes, the Bush Administration did the best job, they all to the man, or woman, totally ignore 9/11 happened on their WATCH and excluded and only want Credit for the 8 years since and even that, claim is a bear faced lie, we were attached, during those eight years, right here in America, by the Anthrax attaches alone and no one in the Cheney Bush Administration have brought anyone to justice, or from the attaches on 9/11, or the subsequent attaches during the 8 years of their absolute inept leadership.

But, Cheney and the interfering Liz family Business imp want America to believe, it’s all political, when it’s not even close to Political, or even politicized. Dick and Liz are the only one POLITIZING anything, thus protest to much, me thinks. Dick Cheney, if the facts and the truth are on your side, REALLY DICK, LIZ what are you afraid of? No one is going to give Dick Cheney cover for his illegal acts of malfeasants in Public office and a big fat no, to your telling us what ever you did, we have to be ok with it, so you say Dick.

Oh and the biggest Competition and Reform is the Public Option, get it done!


First Question: Please Liz, please tell everyone who in the Government you worked for and what your work entailed, everyone does not know what you did and what your expertise is?

Second Question: Liz, have you seen and read all of Public released Documents and the full report from the Investigations?

Third Question: you have repeatedly told and your father, the career prosecutor, did a n investigation and, there’s nothing new and there investigation, found no wrong doing, is that what you want the American people to believe?

Fourth and fifth Question: Could the Career Prosecutors be wrong? Or have made mistakes in any parts of their Investigation?

Sixth and Seventh Question: has any judge ruled against any parts of your father’s involvement and leadership in the CIA interrogations? and is it true near 100 Prisoners died, while under Interrogation, while being held under your father Administration. (I want this question worded this way, so Liz has to include, or deny Bush was the head and start minimizing her fathers, intricate involvement)

Eighth Question: Have you read the Redacted parts of the publicly released documents?

Last Question: Have you seen the new Information?

Throw away reply to Liz (Family Business) Cheney uninformed arguments and truly vacuous detail-less and little miss-direction campaign. Tell her she knows nothing of substance and are in fact flaking for her dad, with a little inside baseball from her dad.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Majority Leader Harry Reid, Speaker Nancy Pelosi the announced delay today… is Bullshit, unadulterated HORSE CRAP,

No more farting DELAYS, it’s time to VOTE, whip these whiners to the VOTE.

By Bruce H. Scroggins

The opposition is gaining ground and eroding confidence, you cannot wait for another MONTH.

160 Amendments were offered and accepted, from Republicans and many, many from Blue dog Democrats, in one, or more of the BILLS. Democrats in the Senate and in the House need to get it together. Tell President Obama, the House will not wait and you Harry Reid, you have to whip what you have and get on with it, each day thousands of Americans get put Danger, losing there Homes, Families, Jobs and Health Care, along with there security and retirement.

The POLLS are not the Presidents friends, he knows he cannot wait, until the end of the month to just consider voting, that’s a lose, lose, losers proposition.

Your opponents are gaining on you quicker, all because President Obama’s own party is killing what they all knew was the platform two years ago, these are Blue Dog Democrats, causing all of this indecision and it scaring off the large Independents who supported Obama, believing we were, as his party together on what they bought from Obama, over two years of campaigning.

Obama told us it wouldn’t be easy, but I as a life long Democrat, never, ever expected Democrats to sand bag and delay and play right into the advertising campaigned, designed to kill Reform.

No more Vacations, no more Delays, no more talk, no more Amendments. Every Republican and Blue Dog Democrats, who ask for and got an AMENDMENT into any BILLS, in Committee, must… they HAVE to… assure their VOTES, or the amendments will be dropped, make that clear, the House especially will not deliver another slap in the President face and go along with any and all Amendments from Conservative Republicans, to boot.

Screw them and the horse they rode in hear on. Michael Medved, say Democrats have up till now, resisted real compromise, that untrue, when you have 160 amendments in Bills, Democrats in Congress have been compromising. It un farting believable, our own Party members want to kill there own Parties Major legislation inside the FIRST YEAR IN OFFICE, of the Architect, of the coattails, have of the DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY RODE INTO THE MAJORITY ON.

Mr. President, you’ve fought valiantly, it’s time to have the REFORM VOTES and all who are not on board, can sink with there votes, or swim and grab the American hands, hurting deeply and bring America, desperate Americans, losing there very LIVES, every day, Congress has no margin, if you all in Congress and in the Democratic Caucus, tell us and can make us believe, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act HR1 of 2009 and the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, has to be done now and then not Republicans, but Blue Dog Democrats drag out and delay and water down, the one Bill that will in large part transform our Nation and American lives and the dying Economy and all we hear is DELAY, WAIT, DELAYS, SLOW DOWN, DELAYS.

Mr. President, respectfully, I know you’re trying not to big foot this, but the knives are out and it’s Americans who are getting cut to the bone and it’s costing them EVERYTHING. The emotional cost is great and loss of FAMILIES is incalculable, but it’s too valuable, to left dragging any further, you have pass it anyway you can and get pass it, there are many and much important work to do and Congress has spent enough time on this and it DIVDING THE COUNTRY the more this delays.

This is the time you have to take what you got and get on, pass a Strong Public Option and be done for now, you can change it later. Mr. President please listen to me, we cannot go back down the road to growing division, this has to stop and get it DONE NOW, NO MORE DELAYS and if you wait until the end of August to think about setting a vote date and then drag it out till the end of the year, you will have lost big time, either Blue dogs believe in what they done and contributed until now, or they don’t then tell them, this vote is on them and the American people will know it was BLUE DOGS who weaken the Bill and then didn’t vote for it… just like the majority of CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS, who BLUE DOGS have been seen as aligning themselves with… against the interest of their own Party/Platform and President, on KEY, KEY Legislation and the nations future.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

What is unsustainable? Is Republicans & Democrats believing, thinking and making statements based on keeping the current expenditures $2.2 Trillion..

... A year status quo and making noise that they want change, but defend the status quo.

By Bruce H. Scroggins

Health Care Committee Meeting/Senate/6/17/2009/C-SPAN

By-Partisanship would be nice, but all Americans are not saying we have to have by-partisanship, the Majority of Americans want, Single Payer and or a Strong Public Option, so Republicans and some Democrats, frame there position wrongly to the American people, as if by making Press release statements, that those statements makes their words true.

No elected Representatives… by-partisanship is not the target… strong Health Care Reform is the TARGET.

So until a bill is presented, more over the Bills available, in committee have been presented to the House, stop telling the American people, what you want them to want… LISTEN too the American people, elected Representatives, stop ruling in, or out Reconciliation, you have no right to make unfounded statements, because you want your crap legislation done according to your will.

Stop ruling in, or out Reconciliation, in those weak, lobbyist, serving prepared statements.

Reconciliation, if done right, in all-words, if the Health Care bill is done right from the start, there will not be much need for changes later, at the very least, the changes will be minor, so your job is, get it done the first time, get it right the first time.

Most Republicans and a few Democrats, have tried mightily, too shape the discussion, ruling in and out this, or that, we the people, the majority have spoken, in an Elections and in our majority elected Representatives. Those in both Houses of Congress, who ruled out Single Payer, were wrong and will pay at the next election for their treacheries.

We the people… know we as a people spend 2.2 TRILLION dollars each year on Health Care and we demand, we not spend that 2.2 Trillion again, without a Strong Health Care Reform this year, not weak reform, not watered down reform, or reform that dose not cover all Americans, so lets be clear, this is not a political football game and your lobbyist donations, do not rule, you all have been charged to reform Health Care and get all the American people covered.

We the people… know, we as a people spend $2.2 TRILLION dollars a year.

Let be crystal clear, we the people are not looking for a… difference… we are looking for a STRONG CHANGE, of REFORM. Any bill that merely makes a difference and not a strong change and is not acceptable, that is not solving the Health Care inefficiencies and current unsustainable cost, there must be a Strong reversal of how Health Care is administered and it must cover all Americans, this year, not incrementally different Care.

As Senator Mike Enzi R-Wyoming says, he wants a difference, we want strong change, start there. Obama did say; those who want to keep their Insurance, the bill should not interfere with their Insurance. I agree on one thing, their private insurance, must compete and if the Insurance Companies have to change their Insurance to compete, we the people, shouldn’t have to accept, no change in Private Insurance for others to keep and stay at status quo. The private Insurance has to compete, with the changes, the reforms that will deliver Health Care to all Americans, so Senator Mike Enzi, you want the status quo at the expense of those who have no insurance, the model you want to stay in place, has no competition and incentive to close the Health Care gap.

Obama did say; if you like your Insurance and your Doctor, keep them, he did not say; that your Private present Health Care Providers, do not have to compete, they do have to compete with the Changes, that have to be made to provide Health Care to all Americans.

You all keep working by-partisan, that’s good, but know this, by-partisanship, in and of itself, is not the TARGET.

Now what is unsustainable? is Republicans and Democrats believing and thinking and making statements based on keeping the current expenditures status quo and making noise that they want change, but defend that status quo.

Let be clear, there can be no change, with out a Strong Public Option, that competes and that… competition change… will drive down cost, we can no longer keep spending 2.2 TRILLON dollars a year, without the current Private only Insurance system, there has to be a New STRONG Public Insurance bought forward and the current inefficiencies in the present expenditures to private Insurance, is unsustainable and must except the change in business.

CBO is not a compete picture, so stop beating it’s inconclusive and incomplete conclusions, they are indefensible, an all who engaged in it’s conclusions, are engaging in fear and divisiveness, a miss-direction of sorts, we are not unaware of those who would make this a deterrent.

Present Health Care Premiums, must be re-regulated and cost lowered, to then provide Health Care for all American, that is a tall order and, Congress, must leave their Lobbyist donations at the door and create a Strong Public Plan of coverage for all Americans, no more status quo defense statements on the floors and in Committee, you will be called out, each time you defend, the in-defensible and unsustainable current inefficient Health Care expenditures.

Everything is on the table, nothing is sacrosanct… nothing.

Senator Gregg R-New Hampshire, stop making disparaging arguments about the bill, that is before you, lacking this and that, make the change, adding and making it better is what your on the committee to do, your criticism of the bill is crap, you did offer some additions, that would make this and other bills better, but shut the fart up about how bad this bill is, you do us no service with your crap critique, this is precisely the pup-butting, we don’t need, offer additions, amendments and changes and move on, we don’t have the time for your grandstanding crap fest.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

How many American NEWS VIEWERS?

Just How many American, NEWS VIEWERS, Know what the Principles of Good Journalism are?

I know, I know, I’ am being childish to do this, but the truth is, there’re varying degree’s of Quality and integrity and personal responsibility and here’s the rub, each man, or woman, seeks to be famous, I know, big let down, but that is what has fueled the raise of the Opinion Analyst, like Lou Dobbs and Bill O’REILLYs and the Morning Joe’s crew of conservative Republican, libertarian prevarications, these three, are examples of taking it beyond BALANCE and to lesser degree’s the Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and The Ed Show, each has a niche, it’s the heart and the ego that determines the, Truth in men and women who employ Opinion Analyst to the News and factual Truths of the news, require a heavy price be paid, if you are partisan.

Some can ignore their partisan side and employ a twisting of the facts, even in the airing of the facts, they purposely leave out all uncomfortable details, which do not fit, or cloud their Spin mastering. Number nine, in this list is where many go wrong, when wrong, in what they say and allow others to say, unchallenged, show heavy partisanship and alack of home work, both are deadly to a New Organ, whether, Network, Press, or Media in General.

Principles of Good Journalism

NewsCloud will strive to uphold the values of good journalism for an open society.
The following principles of good journalism are from
The Elements of Journalism by Bill Kovach and Tom Rosentiel. Special thank you to Chuck Taylor for passing these on to us.

1. Journalism's first obligation is to the truth.
2. Its first loyalty is to citizens.
The owner/corporation must be committed to citizens first.
Hire business managers who also put citizens first.
Set and communicate clear standards.
Journalists have final say over news.
Communicate clear standards to the public.
3. Its essence is a discipline of verification.

Do not add.
Do not deceive.
Be transparent in purpose.
Do not mislead sources.
Be original.
Be humble.

4. Its practitioners must maintain an independence from those they cover.
5. It must serve as an independent monitor of power.
6. It must provide a forum for public criticism and compromise.
7. It must strive to make the significant interesting and relevant.
8. It must keep the news comprehensive and proportional.
9. Its practitioners must be allowed to exercise their personal conscience. *

Media balance
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Balance is sometimes used in reference to political content in the mass media. This usage began in Britain in the early part of the 20th century when the conservative Tories were unpopular and receiving little coverage through the BBC. In order to provide an intellectual rationalization for an increased level of Conservative content, John Reith, the BBC's founder, promoted a concept called balance.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Networks Bought the business, the Cheney family Business, locked, stocked and Lies.

Networks, Media, Press, acting like, Liz Cheney, knows our Top Secrets and are actually, questioning seasoned props, in the Media and inside and outside the government. America, through the Media has been fed a bunch of crap and CNN, MSNBC, abc, CBS, NBC and the fixed automaton fox swill, will gives staged, platform and Echo the lies around the world, until, your discussing Nancy Pelosi, instead of the TRUTH and reason all this came up, Bush & Cheney illegal Drowning Torturing.

By Bruce H. Scroggins

If any more Network Journalist, Analyst, surrogate, Spin Masters ask, or have Liz Cheney on and actually believe she knows all the inside baseball of our Nation most precious Top Secrets, they will be continuing to be and have been far to gullible to watch, this disseminating of the non News, with out a factual, provable point.

Each Network alone has given voice to the un-informed Liz Cheney, of the Cheney Family Business and Liz played them all like cheap dime store Kazoos. Made them all look like fools, questioning every Democratic party member and each Liberal, Liz and Dick turn the media, so far off topic and focus, the Nation actually believe Liz Cheney, knew more than George Bush, Condi Rice and George Tenant and Don Rumsfeld, put together, even Collin Powell is not foolish enough to, play, with the un-inform, word smith-ing Liz spewed.

When the Networks actually started focusing on Nancy Pelosi and the “he said, she said” and not the known illegality of settled LAW, which is Drowning Torture. We were all screwed for weeks, by a Cheney family business, we were given the business, bought what the media was selling and to think, we know for FACT:

Nancy Pelosi, did not drown, or Torture anyone.

Ed Schulz and Lawrence O’Donnell, of MSNBC were the only ones who, took Liz to task and treated Liz as the novice she is and treated her, like she knew nothing and was playing at being informed, when she knows nothing, as a matter of fact a cub reporter, knows more about the facts, that she does, she like a chicken, on the outside, saying;, release more document, just certain ones and it will prove me and my Dad right, but don’t release the one, I tell you not too.

Morning Joe and his entire crew were deep in the bag for her and actually acted incredulous when Ed Confronted her on Morning Joe and Mika, even sniped an acted like she was upset, when Ed tore her, a new one.

When the Networks, Media and Press, acted like she was creditable and gave voice and platform for Liz to spew her lies, the Media, Networks and Press bought and sold the Nation those lies. Each show she went on now will be proved, in complicit complete compliance of those lies and they are lies.

Just look at the News, even Anderson Cooper finally, smelled a rat and confronted Liz Cheney, on his Show. The Cheney Family Business will only show on MSNBC, Morning News and Fixed fox, from here on if the networks, know what’s good for them.

America, was lessoned by the Dick and Liz Cheney blitz and pushing of the family business, lies, upon lies, to save Dick from possible prosecution and it not unusual, George Bush was silent, through it all, Dick knows he’s on his own and Dick was a lose cannon, all during the administration, hiding in a bunker, you say, more like, stay the fart away from me, was George Bush’s watch word for “DICK’” and he did serious crimes under Bush’s nose and miss used the Top Secret clearance he was abdicated by Bush, or put on loan, in any event it cost Bush and he had to rain Dick in.

Any time, you take 100% raw, Intel, straight out of ALL your Intelligence Agencies tasked to do the job and set, Karen Hughes, Mary Matalin, James R. Wilkinson, and Nicholas E. Calio in the W.H.I.G.S. out of Dick Cheney’s Unitarian vice presidential offices and have your chief of Staff, outing career professionals, when the truth was about crash Dicks carefully laid plan to get the US into Iraq, even Bush was stunned and said, if there were any wrong doing, he’d deal with it, wow, when he found out what Dick had been doing, he was pissed and no fartin’ Pardon would be coming for Libby, so out of pure vengeance, Dick attacked Valarie Plame and we all know you and we had been HAD.

Now back to the; who, what when and why?

And George silent and with Dick far from just, off the reservation, little did George Bush know, the Cheney family business, was Drowning Torture. And Liz is out defending it, trying to make the name change stick argument, deflecting, like, no it was not torture, it was EIT, really!! a rose, is a rose… you know the rest.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Let’s be Crystal Clear, Both parties have KICKED THE CANS, down the Roads for the last 40 plus years

In the most important issues facing America today… Energy Independence and Health Care for all Americans.

By Bruce H. Scroggins

Jindal’s private health Care system, has had nearly a century to do what he says, it will do… well Bobby, we the people, have given you and your tax cuts are always the answer, Let’s be clear here, we tried less Government, less regulation, free markets ran amuck and drove like money drunk, greedy bastards, until the reckoning and markets sped south and debt piled up.

6 straight years of Republicans leading and Bush afraid of a veto, 6 straight years of Republicans driving, 6 straight years of Republicans writing Bill, after Bill, resulting in debt, after debt and failure after failure.

And Bobby, believes Tax Cuts is the soul answer, for what ails our Nations economy, just cut the taxes, just cut the Revenue, cut the tax receipts, shrink Government, let the people in need, let them die, those unemployed, wither with no hope from the elected leaders, those hungry, let them starve, just cut taxes and wait and wait and wait some more and cut some more taxes, starve the Government and the people, make the rich, richer, even though we’ve tried this plan, over and over and Republican never account for the Corruption and greed and crime and lack of Education and the Outsourcing and Downsizing… cutting taxes hasn’t spurred Savings, ever or solved a Depression, or even a deep Recession, never.

Jindal believes in unemployed people, he believes they should never receive more unemployment, or even a raise, in hard times, when they have run out of something and have a ton of nothing. Bobby believes in more nothing for those who have lost their Job, Home and Families.

Bobby believes in a High Speed rail, that doesn’t exist, but it is bad, it builds a rain and employs people, people out of work, it pays a salary and put people back to work, with health care for a husband, or a wife and feeds a family, with the dignity of work. THE AMERICAN RECOVERY and REINVESTMENT ACT HR1 of 2009, dose have money for High speed rail, in the West, the Mid West and the East, so how is putting people to work, a bad thing, well for bobby and his fellow Republicans, who hate work, like a rail job, it’s bad, it’s horrible.

I’ am sick of “negative talk” and no’s and “0” votes and “wait” and do a little and wait and see, just cut taxes and wait, “no” to more unemployment funds, for those who have nothing and just ran out of the last of something.

To the President:

Thank you for saying so many of things that needed to be said to us all, especially about the quitting on your country. I have known for some time now, I've quit on myself, thank you sir and God bless you and your family.

Sunday, February 08, 2009



Republican says; its run away spending, is Republicans in answer to Obama saying; this spending is stimulus, Republican say: Answers and leadership, it failed under our watch and leadership and the American people don’t want it. Well the truth is under republicans, we were not in this position in the economy and he’s right we were spending, or Republicans were spending and foolishly, off the books and budget wars of choice, unregulated spending is the result, none of it for Infrastructure, or Roads and Bridges or Port and Transportation and Border Security, cutting and underfunding Education and Health Care, these are just a few of the wrong headed spending Republicans did and contributing to economy we have today.

Obama and Democrats in the House and in the Senate, knows an economic disaster is looming and, both knows we have to spend in all segments of our economy and for programs starved by the failed Republicans leadership, of the Bush Veto-less, and 110th Rubber Stamp Republican controlled Congress. Reinvestment Stimulus has to occur, Short termed, Middle termed and long termed investing, as the recovery takes hold, is new answers, forward thinking and acting.

Republican says; there is a time honored way, to stimulate the economy, you give the people more of their money, (wait and see) Cuts (tried this, didn’t work). The only problem with these, TRIED and FOUND failing policies is, this is not Reagan’s economy, or Kennedy’s economy, or frankly Bush’s economy, although it is Bush’s economy creation and it will take bold and new policies to bring all segments of our economy out of this morass, created by failed Bush and Republican controlled leadership and policies.

Republicans say; the center piece of any effective Stimulus Bill, they say, done (Republicans name for the TARRA of 2009 Bill), by Congress, in the recent pass has been Tax relief. Once again Republicans believe, just cut the taxes on the rich and they’ll spend, in turn, or in return and bring the economy out of the spiraling down turned economy. This is wrong on so many levels today, first the little tax cuts you give to the middle classes down is not enough to spend, on goods and services, that have remained high, because, no one is spending and the rich will not spend the tax cuts, to bring a huge unemployed labor force back in America, it’s not enough bang for our tax bucks, the rich will only increase off-shore savings and apply the extra money to investments more profitable out side the US, as they did in each of the past tax cuts, given by Republicans, or Democrats, targeting the rich.

Bush gave massive tax cuts to the rich and business community and a tiny tax cut, in proportion to the middle and working poor’s proportion of Bush’s tax cuts, the upper classes and rich, in turn Down Sized and Out Sourced high paying jobs, Businesses then lobbied Republicans and Bush, in control of the 110th Congress for more H1B’s and hired heavily in the Service Industries, is all Americans got, who once has a middle class job and life style. The working poor, in turn spent there little tax cut money on the wealthy owners of Banks, Credit House, Food, Health Insurance, Mortgages, Rents and Energy, only to met with a continually raising prices, eating up the little increase, only the rich could save.

And to add insult to injury, the working poor watched their Pensions disappear, 401k’s devalued and all of their Savings disappear, all under Bush and Republican Policies and leadership. There was deregulation, corruption from ENRON and massive spending that was not Stimulative, except to the Military Industrial Complex (CACI and Titan, 1 and 2, , Bechtel 3rd, Aegis 4th, Custer Battles 5th, General Dynamics 6th, Nour USA Ltd. 7th, Chevron, ExxonMobil and the Petro-imperialists 8th, 9th and 10th and lets not forget the perennials; Fluor, Rayton, Black water, Halliburton. )

Again Republican say; it’s a matter of how you get Americans to spend, do you do it in a way, that allows them to invest in small businesses and have confidence, little or all tax cut will be enough. Democrats say, lets give them more direct relief and dollars, more and larger tax cuts for the middle class masses down to the working poor and poor, who do the massive Spending Stimulus, the spending the masses, now have no confidence in spending out of a stagnated pay check, eaten up by rich business owners who increased, 10% each year over the last 8 years the workers cost of health insurance, all remember with an increasingly shrinking pay check.

Republicans says; we’re not going to force lay-offs of teachers and fire-fighters in the states, with these cuts in this Senate Bill. A lie from the pit, Republicans want small ball. Republicans don’t want this Bill to fail, they don’t want it to succeed, over whelmingly or massively, they don’t want it to start a driving recovery. Republicans want to stunt it, slow it down, in implementation, just so it’s a slow recovery, so they can complain about it not working and it’s all to slow a recovery.

Gregory picked all the fringe voices about short termed and targeted Conservative economist, feeding the Republicans talking points, listen the majority of economic voices say, this Bill. Democrats say; this Bill, it has to be large and Short, Mid and Long termed in it approach and implementation, there must be parts of this, or the original White House and House of Representative Bill, that keep kicking in, over the course of our Nations RECOVERY, once this AMERICAN RECOVERY and REINVESTEMENT ACT HR1 of 2009, delivers and including the recent Senate cuts, put back in the BILL, it is essensecial Spending Stimulus and is set in motion, that means, the Reinvestment Stimulus part of the Spending Stimulus, happen, implementing along the course, along side the incremental Recovery as it grows larger.

Gregory continues to interrupt certain Democrats, when they speak, but never, or little interruptions can be heard from Gregory, when any of the Republicans speak, even if a Republican jumps in and says, I got to speak, I got to answer, here. He once interrupted the Republican so far, on his panel and talked over him.

Barney Franks; talking about the failed reasoning, not to give bankers more tax payer’s money, with out conditions. MTP/2/08/2009

Heads I win, tails I break even, it only encourages people to flip more coins

Saturday, February 07, 2009

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act HR1 of 2009 2009

A Stimulus Spending Bill that Spends to Recover and Spends to Invest in ALL “RISK TAKERS
ALL US CITIZENS, Large Businesses
The American People, labor, Small Business and Main Street Filled STATES.

By Bruce H. Scroggins

Democrats recognize the whole of our economy, includes Wall Street and Main Street. Banks, Mortgage Houses and Finance Houses, are not the only “Risk Takers,” all of America’s and its people are “risk takers,” and all deserve to be… INVESTED IN AND ALL AMERICANS DESERVE TO BE RECOVERED.

America cannot look back and go back to failed answers, let’s face the facts, the 110th Republican controlled Congress, refuses to let go of their failed answers and wants to hold hostage the America people to force more failure.

Obama won the election, he’s looking forward and the looking included, working together, with both side of the isles, in a by-partisan way, we all know how the Limbaugh Republican led House, did with that by-partisanship (Dems compromised and cut and added Tax Cuts, after all that by-partisanship, the President and Democrats got their hand and face slapped, in the vote, we won’t do that again) all that by-partisanship, led by Obama so we could develop new ways out of this morass together of this abyss, this ditch, that has and still is bleeding Jobs and confidence, that was waiting for Obama and Democrats, when this election was over and changing course was the rule of the day.

The Bleeding of jobs has continued and confidence is rooting around in the ditch of the failed leadership, that drove the US people and it economy, into the ditch, the election voted to change course and come out of.

Republicans demand, we demand you cut the “Spending Stimulus,” we Democrats and the Election wining Majority, believe Republicans warmed over thinking is corrupt and failed and only keeps us in the ditch, the American people voted and voted in a mass and in a majority voice, to stop following that failed leadership Like “Food Stamps, Housing, Building Education,” are what Republicans want cut… are you farting kidding me, cut the “Spending Stimulus.”

Republicans, believe, only the rich, the upper crust are the “risk takers,” Republican have no confidence in the un-washed masses, or care about them losing their Homes, Jobs and families.

Republicans believe all of these Americans, out of work, have needs, have not lost in their “risk taking,” and Republican demand, no REINVESTMENT in those and other “RISK TAKING AMERICAN.” Republican demand we cut the “Stimulus Spending,” for an AMERICAN RECOVERY.

Republican believe only Reinvest in The upper businesses and Classes, only invest in Small Businesses, only invest and set in place recovery for these few American… STOP INVESTING in the Main Street, stop RECOVERY efforts for Schools and the States, who have been bled starting 7 years ago.

My Rant:

Stop Food Stamps, they only spend it for food, Republicans say, Stop Building Schools, the School district, only spend the money to build schools and the contractors, only hire out of work Americans and buy materials to build from American manufactures.

Stop Spending money on Health Care, they only Spend the money, to pay for Child health and Adult Americans health, stop Spending money on Cops and Fire fighters, they only hire more out of work Americans and once hired they only work and pay taxes and buy food and rents and Homes, stop Spending money, stop Spending money on Pell Grants, why would we republicans want money spend to pay for Colleges, the Colleges, only spend that money to hire and keep teachers, do research, build buildings and all of pays taxes, stop helping the States, they only keep Libraries open and the Safety Nets open for all the out of work, stop Spending money for Worker Un-employment, they only keep up some of their Credit obligations and pay rent and keep their Homes and families together and look for work… we Republicans don’t want all this Reinvestment and Recovering Spending Stimulus, stop it, we want many to fail and get out of the way and we will delay, slow it down, piss and moan, cry, whine and talk tuff for just a few Americans and there are not the American unemployed, or the American middle class, losing there Homes and families and there not America’s Poor, we want them disappear and stop being Americans.

STOP ALL THIS SPENDING STIMULUS, we Republicans have determined the name of the Bill and we Republicans want only “Tax Cuts,” it’s not “Stimulus,” but we don’t want this change, voted and passed, e want to re-enforce the losses.

We Republicans Don’t Like the;


The Spending to Stimulate, in all of these starved areas will only recover them for Americans who have great need today. Spending to Stimulate, Reinvestment is only helping the most vulnerable of Americans and we Republicans don’t want that and we will demand you go back to our FAILED WAYS AND ANSWERS, we Republican demand, more failed policies. The Republican name for the this bill is; “Stimulus Package” only and only stimulate with Tax Cuts and more cuts of all that the Majority of Americans need, we refuse to call it by its name, or discuss what it is written and designed to do, we don’t want Recovery, or Reinvestment and we don’t want to talk about either.

We Republican demand you stop Investing and Recovering, stop it, no more, stop it. We lost $Trillions and gave away, out of the Midnight Treasury’s discount window $2 Trillions before the Bush/Paulsen $850 Billion give away/no accountability Bill, for a reason and we don’t want it recovered, or reinvested… on the winner of the elections watch and we will… Obstruct, Slow down and Delay as in Tom Delay… no that was… no, I mean it, he was a bad joke, no really, like Abramoff, they were both really bad jokes, our bad, I mean my bad.

Why won’t the masses consume: short answer is; Jobs, Homes lost, Families broke up, Savings gone.

American confidence in Consuming is down for a couple of large reason, the American consumer, from the middle class down to the working poor. We saw the price of gas go out of sight and were told/sold, it was “supply and demand,”, then when the price went down, the cost that had risen along with the high Fuel and Home Heating cost and Interest rates, never went back down, so the American consumer has said, were not going for it again.

The prices of “goods and services” has to adjusted down to reflect income… we consumer believe is valued, based our… our take home pay, not your Business, or economic gobble gook, macro, micro talk and explanations, you can explain till the cows come home, we will buy when prices reset, got it… RESET VALU and Prices, that will help spur consuming.

Friday, January 02, 2009

How much can Americans HATE CHANGE

Republicans and Democrats are acting like obstructionist… Partisan Norm and Republicans and Democrats and what I call the threeB”.
By Bruce H. Scroggins

As a Democrat, let me start with three “B’s”, this acronyms stands for; Blagojevich, Burris and Bobby, all opportunist of low estate and all of these men have done some very good things in their public service, but have as of late fallen, ethical, opportunistic and illegally challenging times.

Blagojevich, never, ever should said what he said and on tape, it is exactly what he said and he cannot now say, I did nothing wrong and every time someone anyone, even Blagojevich advances this statement, too the face of all American, someone should have the gonads to retort strongly and tell him… too his and anyone else face, sir, Governor Blagojevich, you have clearly from and elected position of Authority, made grossly unethical and possibly Conclusional, conspiratorial statement, which shows your Moral Turpitude, for which we here today hold you fully cognizant and fully responsible.

You can not un-ring the bell you sounded loudly and act as if we must, or are now required to recognize your legitimacy.

Illinois Legislators should come out together and say; you may still hold the office Governor Blagojevich, but we do not recognize your Authority, or acts in the very Senate positions, you on tape tried to sell, not until you have restored your morality in our eyes, will we recognize your Authority in this matter.

Democrats should immediately, form the Special Elections they say they do not want and end Blagojevich’s protestations in this matter, forthwith. Prepare the candidate and move on, stop this charade now, Democrats, or be seen as WIDE VARIETY of possibilities. I know Democrats don’t want to chance losing this seat, but they need to cut this off, quickly and get behind someone the State will get behind and take away Blagojevich’s directorship and revenge play position. And do not give Fitzgerald any more time to bring charges, he’s had since 2002, that’s enough time to investigate and bring charges.

It is not what Democrats in Illinois or in the Senate want, but it is clearly the only way to cut this crap move off at Blagojevich’s knees.

Burris and Bobby will have to campaign for the spot, to which both of them wish to demand, only their outcome, all conveniently after reversing their clear position statement about Blagojevich’s acts, on tape.

Burris and Bobby’s previous positions:

Bobby’s Statement after, hearing arrest warrants taped accounts:

I believe that the acts that are alleged to have been committed by the Governor are so heinous that he has forfeited his right to appoint someone to fill the seat of President-Elect Barack Obama. My bottom line is that the Governor should not be the one to make the appointment to this important office.

And Burris before, statement about Blagojevich’s taped Account and arrest:

On December 13, Roland Burris said Blagojevich should be forced from office, calling the governor's actions "appalling" and "reprehensible."

Courtesy of Dailkos.

Really these two “B’s” somehow lost their, positions and my respect, at least about this matter, their both smug men today, preening, Peacocks with sneers on their lips and spouting, its racism, its racism.

Now for the Republicans crap assisting, Norm (Rubber Stamp, truth Squad) Coleman

In many ways, the Republicans are more simple and straight forward, they are simply the opposition and are playing their role, the part I want to point out is they are playing with our Nations future.

Al Franken is in the legal lead and it is a forgone conclusion he’ll be the winner, so Norm who made it very public, he wanted Al to concede, when he was in the lead, is now only ready to drag this out through legal proceeding and courts and Republicans in Congress want to keep Democrat in the Senate in flux, denying them more power, so as to derail Obama’s leadership and fulfilling the promises to the nation, slowing, or stopping the turn around of country, which is in Strategic and Economic peril at this time.

Both Democrats and Republicans, and their factions to some degrees, want to prevent change and have only their narrow change, while denying the Nations electorate, it’s Constitutional outcome.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Queen Ngola Ann Nzinga of Ndongo Angolan who defended Angolans against the Slave Trade

"If any man should buy another man and compel him to his service and slavery without any agreement of that man to serve him, the enslaver is a robber and a defrauder of that man everyday. Wherefore it is as much the duty of a man who is robbed in that manner to get out of the hands of his enslaver as it is for any honest community of men to get out of the hands of rogues and villains."

Ottobah Cuguano

Friday, June 06, 2008

Juan Williams, a 21st Century Uncle Tom some say

Juan Williams, 21st Century Uncle Tom some say, he’s more a paid shill for all that’s, wrong with black Punditry, I say this because, Uncle Tom is to far above his intellect and fox fixed news pay grade, with NPR on the side


By Bruce H. Scroggins

Juan misses the new obstacles present for the 25% of blacks in poverty today, whom the Bill Cosby's and the Juan Williams of today decry as “not keeping up their part of the bargin,” those who can't do criticize and I’ am not saying Juan and Bill aren't contributing, from their wealth to worthy causes, that’s not what I’ am saying.I’ve read some now, consistent and persistent criticisms of all things Obama and black, Juan goes from one thing to another in the black community, locked into the past, he knows what happened, but he keeps trying to view and explain the present black communities failures in performance, through the Brown v Board of Education and the flawed Civil Rights era accomplishments.

I say flawed because, so many believe these accomplishments were the be all and end all answers for the black community, now and forever. If they were not flawed, every 25 years, blacks would not have to ask and beg Congress to sign the Civil Rights Act, to keep the right to vote.

Where is the civil rights groundswell on behalf of stronger marriages that will allow more children to grow up in two-parent families and have a better chance of staying out of poverty? Where are the marches demanding good schools for those children -- and the strong cultural reinforcement for high academic achievement (instead of the charge that minority students who get good grades are "acting white")? Where are the exhortations for children to reject the self-defeating stereotypes that reduce black people to violent, oversexed "gangstas," minstrel show comedians and mindless athletes?”

Juan, Bill have you lived in the black communities lately, no you haven’t, you haven’t seen the black community, you’ve seen what the black community is portray on TV and in the Press, you seen the few that have risen to the level of media, where you two live and you decry there excesses.I live in a black community dying because, our mentors have moved out of the black community, because of guns and a false sense, that all white schools are better than the community schools that raised them and gave them the education to make a better life for them selves.

These black upwardly mobile and accomplish to some degree black families, that are part of the root and cause of the dying black community, that has no voice for change, no black males to march and attend Ward and Council meeting, to be the face of change in the black community, down to little league, or a recitel.

Bill, Juan you both decry the Gangster Rap and the flaunting of black woman, the lack of Parenting and the lack of the use of the tools, built on and in our tortured past, through the lives and blood of the Civil Rights hay days, well what’s left in the black community is the old parents who sacrificed and marched to give their children, the better education, that those children used to move out of the black community.

To this day, the City’s mostly white town fathers, listen to the black communities cry’s and still do not do what they want, drugs and dealers are entrenched and those upwardly mobile blacks, the few who come back to the black community, mostly to go to church and hand out turkeys on thanks giving and share some money, but putting their real faces on the problems, they're absent.No mentors but the aging grandparents and grandmothers and activist born and staying in the community, are all that’s left, you ask why no marches, there’s your answer.

The Black preachers are all afraid of the blowback that the white press has played and reverse racist is there new tool, even white voices, announcing any “liberation Theology,” from the degrading facts of life in the black community, are assaulted with racism to shut them down and keep it out of the any discussion.

The problems are new and need a new tactics, coupled with some of the tried and true tactics of the past, I’ am not against using what worked, but those tactic alone cannot attack and win, in these days.

Black Quilt, Black Blame, White quilt, White Blame, all have to be on the table and we have, stay at the table, all of you pop-in-jays need to butt out.”

Both of you men, say nothing about the problems faced by a new generation of Poverty and the abject lack of education and the re-enforced institutional and systemic barriers erected by those in power from City Hall's Financial Institutions, School Boards, to the Police Departments. None of which have supported those left fighting for the communities, only our Seniors and the Activist, flail around, unsupported by those who are our strongest.I do understand frustration, but to spend your echo chamber time and bully pall pits attacking blacks lack of answers for the problems faced, is low, you both need to get down on the ground and stay there, not just your money is needed, don’t run back to your Cush homes and white and black friends willing to listen to your cry’s and complaints about your people.

Stay in the that poor black community, showing the way and make your presence the bulwark and draw the strength of the black community back to be the face and mentors needed, the voices in the Town Halls and Wards and City Councils, Parishes and yes, SPEAK, PREACH and LEAD the MARCH, ORGANIZE the MARCHES, shut the fart-up and LEAD.

In all words, get your asses on the ground and lead until you’re drawn up on your cross.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Former DNC Chairman and Clinton supporter today says; FL and MI voters should be treated with dignity and Respect, I ask; where’s the other 48 states

Former DNC Chairman and Clinton supporter today says; FL and MI voters should be treated with dignity and Respect, I ask; where’s the other 48 states, dignity and respect from FL and MI


By Bruce H. Scroggins

It’s maddening to hear Hillary and surrogates and supporters say; every vote must be counted in FL and MI and that I Hillary should receive every vote and every delegate in both states.

The voters in both states knew the order agreed upon and signed, in the DNC 50 STATE INTEGRITY OF POCESS. The voters knew the rules, the voters knew well ahead of the moved date, there would be a penalty for voting ahead of the agreed upon date

Hillary did not campaign for FL and MI, inclusion, until she realized, her big state strategy was a big state failure and said they were not important and would be under Penalty for voting out of order, for moving up the date ahead of February 5th, 2008 Super Tuesday mass voting date.

Hillary’s caucus campaign, 08’ strategy was an abysmal failure, IOWA was clear evidence Hillary 08’ was too arrogant about her candidacy, Hillary believed and Bill Clinton, as well, believed right down to the Media in her presumptive and eventual nominee, Hillary felt preeminent, air apparent, IOWA and NORTH CAROLINA, shook the entire campaign down too core and Hillary and Bill never, made the 1st quarter adjustment, Hillary was led to believe New Hampshire was a course correction, Hillary felt, the rest of the way, would still go as planned, nothing wrong in my campaign.

As SNL, skit said; “Bitch is the new black, get use too it,” this attitude was prevalent across the Hillary Bill, campaign, her surrogates were brimming with arrogance and when the Super Tuesday came and went, Hillary was left with the stark reality, Obama had gutted the heart of the states, in the 50 state process and Obama had compiled a huge lead.


FL and MI were after thoughts, of no importance to Hillary and Bill even then, Hillary and Bill were stunned too say the least. The next weeks, instead of retooling, in fighting, Kitchen sink, race questioning, anger, complaints about media coverage and no need to vet Hillary, Hillary a-mid pivot, called for the media to look closely at this upstart, interloper, surrogates sprang into action across the Media News shows.

I can hear Hillary and Bill saying in closed meeting; I want his career/campaign dealt a death blow on arrival, I want his family investigated, I want every opposition research done, I want all the dirt out there now, fill the airways, until the media is forced to focus on his thin resume, I want him questioned repeatedly, over and over, these lines of attacks, were supposed to give Hillary time re-think her campaign, but Hillary and Bill got caught up, in watching what they had wrought and never made the right moves in Caucuses strategy.

Hillary’s and Bill’s arrogance instead grew, Hillary now said anything, knowing she was lying and fabricating events and her course corrections, were to fire… this person for failure and… that person for miss-speak, never did Hillary take complete and absolute control of her campaign.

When the Media called her on her lying, Hillary said; you’re unfairly focusing on me and Bill said; “it was because she was a girl and it’s ok to attack the girl.”

Now we have this, every vote should count meme and every vote is mine and “I’ am being discriminated against,” it was “sexism” these late season tirades, do a grave disservice to Hillary’s history making campaign.

FL and MI will receive a PENALTY for there flagrant violation of the Rules of order and I want them wacked good, so no one else dose this, ever again and the leadership were the leaders in their states, encouraging the voters, close your eyes and memories, step off the violation cliff, they must be made too account for there parts in the voting violations. And I want Hillary to lose big at the end, not too embarrass her, but so that it’s clear, Hillary lost and no one stole anything. Hillary will have to campaign for Barack H. Obama and it has to be convincing, I say take your whopping like a grown up.

PS. Bill, late season wins are not the entire race, this was a marathon, not a sprint, your wife won some late time trails, but Obama piled up enough, early race time trail wins that, Hillary would need a jet plane to rocket to the finish and Obama, would have to implode in a cloud of dust, not going to happen, so quit your whining Bill and get in line behind Obama, lets hear your support for the winner and next President; Barack H. Obama.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hillary has LOST BIG EARLY and won some late big victories

And we know who won the WAR, EARLY and the war winner was never in Doubt… Hillary no matter her absolute Race/Gender Divisive Primary Campaign, being the loser, she’ll have too campaign twice as hard as she is campaigning today, HARDER than any other 2nd place finisher in American history, or Democrats will lose in November.

By Bruce H. Scroggins

The verdict of this 2008 primary elections was set in motion by the combatants, not the Media, Hillary wants to drive her late victories with attacks on the media, saying; “The Pundit’s and Talking heads, don’t want you to vote,” No one, none, nobody in the media, has told Americans, anywhere, to not vote, don’t vote, you Americans, in such and such states, you should stay home, didn’t happen and Hillary is lying to her supporters and the American public, this is just another way in which Hillary, is methodically, absolutely corrosive to the Democratic process and her supporters are taking their cues from her and no matter what she says, they will follow through on there treats and I pray they are left at the alter.

Please hear me, when in the heat of battle, Obama took the heart out of the battles, when Obama took a 10 state straight victory run, that was entirely fair, Obama did not lose a state, Hillary lost those states, straight up, no one held a gun to any voters head, anywhere during that historic run by Obama.

Hillary R. Clinton had every opportunity, every effort, Hillary campaigned hard for those votes in every one of those states and she lost big. Hillary began changing the number, the goal post, the divisive speeches and Hillary lost even more, she has made the old politics her only way to campaigned, is to make it about voting against Hillary, no Obama did not ever say such a thing.

Hillary has repeatedly, said “they” don’t want you to vote, who the fart is “they” Hillary has made it sound, too Hillary supporters as if, a Hillary supporter, even thinks about voting for Obama, they will be abandoning women and Hillary and she’s ingrained it, so when she loses and she will lose big, her saying vote for Obama, to her supporters, in the millions will know she doesn’t mean it.

That is the real fact and fear of some in the DNC and millions of voters around America today, facing these realities, will bring the very hard questions from the pollsters and pundits, hard questions, must be ask about the Hillary supporters and surrogates, voters saying after walking out of Tenn. Kentucky saying; "RACE was why I voted against Obama," that is not a sound bite that is a landslide KILLER and America hasn’t seen nothing yet.

From daily Kos

Was Gender of candidate important to you?
Yes 16 -- 79C, 19O No 82 -- 63C, 33O
Was Race of candidate important to you?

Yes 21 -- 81C, 16O No 78 -- 61C, 35O

More detail:

Monday, May 05, 2008

No Journalist could withstand the withering assualt on their Personal lives, none

That has been put on Obama, all because they feel Hillary, needs no personal background check and there’s nothing the Media/Press don’t know about McCain, the Media cares too tell America, the Press & Media have decided, we know all about Hillary and McCain, lets loop and assault Obama, endlessly until we force him off message, for so long he will look like any other Politician.


By Bruce H. Scroggins

Hillary has not had any withering assault, knocking her off message, none and no media has ask Obama about his message, or wanted too hear it, the Press/Media has consistently ask Obama, only about Rev. Wright, his personal life, or some variation of why did you do this, about Wright, or why did you take so long to say this, about Wright, even when he answers, the Media/Press repeatedly ask another variation of these same questions.

No variations of Hillary’s gaffs, or loops for three straight months and McCain has made on gifts after another, Foreign and Domestic and the Media/Press has either cover for McCain, or explained, or has no interest in the gaffs, same for Hillary, but have jumped on and stayed on Obama’s every explanation, it’s as if, because the MATH says, Obama can’t lose the MATH, the Press/Media have decided, Media/Press Driven, they will make his campaign, not about his campaigns message, but about his personal life, Lapel Pins, Patriotism, or Rev. Wright, check the questions he gets ask.

Every time, we hear Obama talking to the people on his campaign and they get a chance to talk too Obama after, or before, the Press/Media never ask him about his message, the Media/Press, get into this vain of questions and keeps Obama continually defending these lines of questions.

The Gas Tax Holiday, will not be sign this into law, by Bush and Hillary, or McCain have not said how they will get it signed into LAWTHIS SUMMER, it’s so dishonest, the PRESS/MEDIA has not ask, or fleshed out true quantifialble, FACT BASED questions, they’ve ran with this like it could happen, when it can’t and won’t and most know it won’t, pure dishonest Media/Press and the they call them selves reporting the FACTS.

The Media keeps talking about Hillary’s trying to label Obama, as an elitists, the Media dose this for Hillary, it’s a whole line of question for any one supporting, or on Obama’s staff, the Press/Media dose this line of questioning for Hillary and against Obama, on their ECHO CHAMBER and keeps asking over and over and over and over again and again and again.

The words most Heard/Press/Media driven Selling about Hillary, are: Tuff, fighter, finishes strong and the words you hear most about Obama are: Wright, Why? Elitists and Tired, Electability and why is Obama off message?

America either wants too remain, in the OLD POLITICS, or it wants to TURN THE PAGE and more forward, we are all seeing NOW how the PRESS/MEDIA want it and are going too play it.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

No, Really, What is a Litmus TEST and is it for Black leadership only?

What is a LITMUS TEST?


By Bruce H. Scroggins

A litmus test is a question asked of a potential candidate for high office, the answer to which would determine whether the nominating official would choose to proceed with the appointment or nomination.

This is what Tim Russert did to Barack Obama in the last debate and Tim is un-apologetic about it, it appears racist in content and nature, because he dose not ask these litmus test questions of WHITES, he dose not press, the question, over and over, to white’s of any gender.

Obama rejected past present and future and he repeatedly rejected, consecutively for Tim Russerts, as if Tim Russerts repeatedly ask the same litmus test question, as if Tim didn’t hear Obama, or didn’t understand. Finally, after enlisting Hillary, for additional litmus test pressure Obama rejected and denounced, I can only guess Tim (litmus test) Russerts, finally heard Obama.

CNN and Wolf Blitzer for one, on the Late Edition 2/02/08, with, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, set up good bigotry vs. bad bigotry and they both supported good bigotry, making no definitive distinction, except white bigotry is good from most whites and bad bigotry from most, or all blacks is bad, Wolf left it there.

Bill O’Reilly, spoke of a Lynching Party if he found Michelle Obama to be an angry woman, Don Imus was fired for this bigotry, but all media has circled the wagons and are IGNORING this blatant assault, even the FCC has no interest in applying even investigation, into a clear violation, I filed a complaint, with the FCC, nothings happened.

And even if the FCC dose something, the MEDIA is clearly the enablers, there abject; silence is


What say you; ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, AP, ROUITERS, BBC, fox fixed news.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

When Obama speaks, I’ am in the WORDS, he speaks

And when, someone, anyone say, there just “empty words,” they call me Empty and everyone who finds themselves in WORDS of HOPE, they find UPLIFTING, INSPIRATION and WORDS of INCLUSIVENESS, they find OPTIMISUM and WORDS like “yes we can.” Yes we can do this TOGETHER.


By Bruce H. Scroggins

Obama wants a shared responsibility, for Domestic answers, Educational answers, for Foreign Policy answers, Environmental answers, Energy answers.

Obama believes in the constitution and will uphold the Constitution; Obama will keep the law, not break the law. Obama will not go the White House and hate back at the Haters and there are a lot of haters in America and around the world.

Empty words, McCain says, hollow words, Hillary and Bill say, Hope is something even Jesus says we need, even Jesus came for all in the world, who are with out HOPE. Obama knows this will not be easy, Obama knows the greatest and strongest ingredient in Hope is… Belief… believing is the strength of any people, casting out fear, is what hope does.

Believing people, stand together, believing people, look at what is and say, YES WE CAN.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008



Hillary Bill dissed every CAUCUS VOTER and the STATES their passion lives in, including dissing every AFRO-AMERICAN voter across America, yes she did.
By Bruce H. Scroggins

Hillary Bill, said, “you know my sense of the Caucus States, they don’t represent the electorate,” yes Hillary Bill said that, you don’t represent, you don’t count, “you heavily Afro-America voters, like IN Louisiana,” don’t count, you passion filled activist don’t count. Check her word, Fact check her words.

I CAN’T THINK OF MUCH, THAT INSITES Americans more than to have a candidate, tell me…





YOU Afro-American

Sunday, February 10, 2008

McCain, Bush Doctrine Vs, Democratic Party Solutions


By Bruce H. Scroggins

As we all know, the Bush, McCain doctrine for Iraq is stay, die and eventually, we will win, or let them stay and die and win, or no surrender, we prefer to die and win nothing, but die we will do, is the reality.

Their mantra to the American people is; the surge has worked, the surge was successful, see the killing is down, so it worked.

Now let’s look at the results of the Bush McCain doctrine in Iraq, now that nearly 4000 US soldiers have died in Iraq, to date, killing is down of US troops, but civilian deaths are still being recorded, Iraq women are still being killed, honor killings and for not wearing a headscarf and many other reasons, freedom is not even close in Iraq for Iraqi’s.

Not a word about Iraq Police and troops taking over the duties, US troops are doing now. The Iraq parliament has not made the NATIONAL moves, necessary for reconciliation and bringing the Iraqi’s country together. Instead, we hear, unilaterally, like thief-doms, they are making side deals, factions, separate from the national government, siphoning off amounts of Oil profits, US and Iraq government officials are paying off militia’s, to keep them from actively killing each other, arming the very people who have participated in killing US troops.

Not a word about all the clinics closed, not a word about power, or energy availability, not a words about the Islamic law, being applied to the people in the day and in the night, not a word about the fear permeating the fabric of Iraq’s disunity.

But McCain, Bush wants America to believe, the surge worked, it’s succeeding and we just have to stay until we American win. Win what McCain, Bush, what you fail to say is; US Troops have won, they have won everything they have been sent to do, it is Bush and McCain, who have refused to admit victory in Iraq, they keep moving the Goal post for a Iraqi Government, who have lined their pockets, as profiteer’s have and keep US Troops in harms way, while Iraqi’s have a vacationed and generally not done what was the entire PURPOSE of the SURGE in the first place.

I get tired of saying what the purpose was of the surge, but we all know, it was to make room for political change, the hard decisions needed for moving the country forward, but it has not happened, Americans gave their lives from the start for Iraqi’s and Iraqi’s have thanked Us Troops, for the giving of their lives how.

Failure after failure called success, this is the Bush, McCain doctrine, call it success, just stay and die, until we win.

When Republicans, McCain, Bush cannot buffalo Americans into believing, they use words like, defeatist, surrender, all in their collective effort to fear and shame Americans into supporting their failures, just stay until we win, stay and kill till were right, kill until we correct the mistakes, just keep killing, until the factions give up their country to our way of life.

Iraq is bidding their time, storing up money and weapons on all side, waiting for the time when, factions in all sectors of the country can have an all out kill fest, to determine who will be subject and who will be subjugated. The borders are wide open, they cannot, nor want to stop anything, just keep paying them to hold and store their water, and they are keeping their powder dry for the big fight.

The Majority and nearly all Democrats want to start bringing US Troops home, sparking Iraqi’s to get off their, stock piles of money and weapons and make some concession towards National Oil sharing and reconciliation and much more.

The problems in Iraq will best be solved by Iraqi’s themselves and it won’t look like democracy, as Republicans, Bush, McCain want it to look like and want credit for. Iraq is not a country, as America knows countries; it is a loose conglomeration of faction, sects, with very different alliances, none of which has to do with a NATIONAL IDENITY, or COUNTRY.

When a Democratic party President and near, if not Veto proof Democratic Party Congress comes into power, Iraq will be seen for what it is, a mistake, that needs to make the next moves for it self, even if it means, killing each other until each faction, decides to be as I’ve said, subject and subjugated by Iraqi’s, these roles have to be worked out and, it will be through blood and guts, based in and on, who Republicans, Privateer’s, Contractors, Oil giants and politicians, all twisted together around energy and money and power armed and back each faction, one element, holds sway, US MONEY and US TROOPS PRESENCE.

In the end, McCain, Bush love to put words in the mouths of US Troops, when the US Troops cannot speak up for them selves, I absolutely dislike Republicans saying let them win, when win is what they’ve already done, let them stay, when they won’t say, stay and kill and be killed for a country people and government, who don’t want us to stay and kill and be killed, Iraqi’s want us to go home and let them solve there problems.

Iraq is an Iraqi problem and needs, founding fathers to emerge with a national outlook, or devolve into a factional fight and that the truth in love.

More Bush doctrine, only 2% of the people fighting US Troops… in Iraq, are, is Al-Qaeda, now how bush, McCain and conservatives and republicans can turn that into the entire enemy against the US, first in Iraq and then following us home to America, is beyond me, when all they want is US troops, out of their holy land.

Al-Qaeda is not the big buggies-man, McCain, Bush want desperately them to be, now Osama Ben Hiding and Afghanistan/Pakistan, only because he’s hiding on the border, are a big deal and we need to get after that, heavy duty. McCain wants to call Democrats defeatist and surrendering, rather than telling America the truth, McCain glosses over the facts, I believe and a Majority of America believes, when you “F’d” up like Bush has, you don’t keep killing, pushing your wrong track, telling America; where there now, so we have to stay and kill, till we get it RIGHT.

Read in between the lines America; if we leave before we kill everyone, all those named groups, who thinks about hating America, they will follow us home and kill us in America, now why do they think this, because if anyone attacked and invaded, the US, we would hate them and want them to leave and would continue to kill the invaders, in many names until they either all died or left and yes, we Americans would follow them home and kill them in their own home country, the longer the invaders stayed the longer the hate and killing would last.

Now these are the truths these McCain, Bush doctrine Republicans won’t say.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

BillHillary, HillaryBill, Lecturing Blacks and their leaderaship

BillHillary, HillaryBill, one in the same both lying about Obama’s record and lecturing Blacks and their Leadership, telling blacks, what black folk’s interests are.


By Bruce H. Scroggins

Spending capital and reminding blacks of there loyalty oath to the real black and only black president they will EVER HAVE, lecturing black leadership and telling blacks and Americans, what there interest are. On top of this virulent, arrogant stance, BillHillary, continues too conflate Obama’s record, trying as BillHillary, might to twist a forward thinking progressive hope filled, presidential leadership campaign, for a real corner turning change.

HillaryBill is in two places, she is hop scotching around the Super Tuesday states and he is staying in South Carolina, keeping Obama, focused on backfires. Obama, now you have BillHillary, twisting and fabricating lies, move forward, with the Super Tuesday states, Michelle (she’s no light weight, she can stay above the fray, let them turn their attacks at her and it will solidify your positions) can handle South Carolina, for periods, force HillaryBill, to focus on answering the facts and backing up the BillHillary lies, keep the Media, asking HillaryBill, BillHillary about why are you two lying to the American people.

HillaryBill, voting record is the focus, when it counted most HillaryBill, voted to get this conflict started in Iraq and has voted since to keep it going. Obama got it right in the beginning, the most crucial vote and judgment and has voted to keep it going as well.

HillaryBill have polarized and not reached across the isles as Obama has, in ethics, minimum wages, America, why do you think, the most lied about issues, for HillaryBill, was Obama’s record in Illinois and in a interview. Everyone knows, HillaryBill’s, Flag vote, the stamping and possible prelude to war, of Iran’s revolutionary guard votes, remind your selves America, HillaryBill voted for the conflict in Iraq and HillaryBill told America, “ if you don’t like, my vote, you can vote for someone else” (paraphrased), this is a vote and stance, that should be brougt up and made plain to ALL the electorate across America, if you don’t like HillaryBill’s arrogance about one of the major issues, you can go someplace else, advise Americans, HillaryBill, told you voters to go some places else.

BillHillary TOLD BLACK AMERICANS too; “give me a break,” BillHillary, HillaryBill have one focus, “make Obama into the black’s only candidate” then act as if everything following is ether the Media’s fault, or the frustration of Obama, hint, hint, he’s young and doesn’t get it, he’s just too inexperienced, smile, wink, wink.

Obama gets it, BillHillary, HillaryBill are both haters and if “they” get in office, they will hate their hater’s right back and “GET EVEN,” for all Republicans have done to both of them. So black America, what do you think, HillaryBill and BillHillary will do to blacks, if you don’t “GIVE ME A BREAK,” and stop with this Obama backing, you’re a bunch of ungrateful, in-greats, children… black Americans, HillaryBill are snidely in-between the line, implying this. Obama is right, when Obama wins, HillaryBill’s backers will come to Obama in droves, but the point is will Obama’s backers come too BillHillary. No, I won’t its Obama and Edwards, if HillaryBill are the nominee, I will sit on my vote, and BillHillary have turned me that far off of ever voting for them.

Michelle Obama can campaign in South Carolina and Barack can get out on the national trail and hunt, mix it up with HillaryBill, force BillHillary to keep at their race bating and too young, and trivializing of your vision, for a more united America, keep HillaryBill lying about your record, force them to defend their POSITIONS on you, while you keep up and stay at your message. Every time HillaryBill, or BillHillary attack, quickly defend, then post those facts on the web site, always turning the media back too HillaryBill for the crucial questions, “WHY ARE YOU LYING ABOUT OBAMA’s Record.”

In many instances Barack, Michelle say; I’ll answer your question but first, this is my message to the people of America, ALL THE PEOPLE, make your case short then make the factual answer, then go back to your case and make it a little longer case for your presidency, always leave the reporters, rushing back to BillHillary, HillaryBill for why are you saying and doing this, let them make up reasons.

Barack your strong, talented, respected wife Michelle can make the facts clear, coming to the points, Barack you can make the pointed factual case and move forward, saying here’s the facts, now you read, you listen, what do you think of the facts, in comparison to the lies.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Arrogant Hilary and Bill twisting Obama's words

Arrogant; win at all cost, the Clintons have devolved and shown their true face, all because Obama is in the RACE and can WIN


By Bruce H. Scroggins

Bill Clinton is unhinged about the culinary workers, the State allowed more caucus stations, for workers serving the huge hospitality Industry in Las Vegas, proper and yesterday Hilary was twisting Obama’s words, both have made the worst possible mistakes, all around black and brown people, win at all cost I call it, is what I see, it polarizing and I had dropped Hilary too third, in my list of democratic Presidential contenders, I now will not vote for Hilary, my list consist of two democrats, Obama and Edwards.

Dennis Kucinich is a better candidate than Hilary. I was taken aback when I heard Hilary twist Obama’s words from the Last debate; she made Obama’s words sound like he would be a figure head, instead of a leader, Obama would delegates authority to trusted advisors and leaders, capable administrators who will carry out orders and vision, just as Hilary would and Bill did.

I cannot wait for the Black caucuses Debates in the South Carolina, black people will see Hilary at her worst and the next day Bill will attack again and the dye will be cast, black won’t be so undecided after the S. C. debates.

Hilary and Bill know, that Obama, running as a black only candidate, is a no winner for Obama, so they tried to maneuver, through the back and forth to frame Obama as a black candidate only and then, they themselves, come out, one in a very emotional moment, this would freeze some blacks and un-decided voters, too get them to , either return too Hilary and Bill, or at the most freeze them again, until they could twist a few more positions and draw a false contrast.

This Bill and Hilary strategy, is backfiring with blacks, browns and Independent, watch and mark my words, in South Carolina and in Nevada, blacks, browns and Independents will vote overwhelmingly Obama.

Obama will unite the American people, Hilary will divide and polarize, she and her husband are doing exactly that today, now what do you actually see and hear from both candidates

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Question: Who started leading the Civil Right movement and who reacted to it

Question: who was more important Pharaoh, who eventually let the Jews/Hebrews go, or Moses who told Pharaoh,” too let my people go,” who was more important, President Johnson, who signed the eventual legislation? Or Martin Luther King who started the Civil Rights, movement of the 60’s … I’ll give you a few words and a moment to think about those questions.


By Bruce H, Scroggins

With the media, playing up the race issues, between Clinton and Obama, I had to chime in, it seems, the Clinton’s want to remind, Black folks of all they’ve done for them and they were instrumental in many advances, but they were not the only ones involved and they sure are not the only ones who can, make all the issues facing the black community whole, in the coming 21st century, remember, the drug problem rose to some of the worst heights, under Bill Clinton, we had more police on the streets, but we were sending black males to jail, for petty crimes at an alarming rate under Bill Clinton’s leadership as well. Yes there were plenty of jobs and Education opportunities were more available, during his administration, these on just a few of the facts, of an admittedly great administration.

Great is not always good when you look at the big picture of Civil Rights and the black community, there has been many gain, retarded and canceled by the Bush, Republicans and, the Plan to spend all the treasuries monies and in the out years, cut all the domestic safety nets and hollow out the governments structures, leaving a Government, incapable of protecting the least among us.

Remember, it was Clinton, who signed the legislation, that changed Welfare and for me I think, that was a good thing, but today, with the safety net, all but gone, it doesn’t look, or feel so good for the working poor, Homeless among us. Just saying your ready and tested is not reason enough to just vote blindly for anyone, nor is just saying change, without dept of hope, but let’s look deeper at the issues and what their going to do, their plans.

And when we look at their Plans, remember, it was those who brought the issues to the forefront, not the ones in charge who make change and if it was the ones in charge who started and finished the change, then the President at the time of the Civil rights Movement, or before the movement began, they would of called for and led the movement, last… it sure wasn’t Pharaoh who called for letting my people go, so don’t be fooled by those who tell you I’ am tested and ready, or change for the sake of change… give us facts and a plan, make your promises if you must, but you’d better deliver, because, it’s the failed plans and promises, that are the reason people won’t buy EXPERIENCED, one quality, should be remembered, consistently making the right decisions and making the change necessary, to bring their plans and promises to reality, that doesn’t means they haven’t made mistakes in the past, but when it came time to grow up and make decisions for others, take a close look at that record the present Democratic controlled grown-up Congress is evidence of sayings, promising one thing and doing another.